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Z-19 V-belt STEIGENTECH Steigentech/ V-belt Z-19 Detail Add to basket
K3140-0038 Mechanical Seal KPA Mechanical Seal stainless steel/carbon/EPDM d=25, K3140-0038 Detail Add to basket
2000.1288002 O-Ring 2046 Stelzer O-Ring 2046 Detail Add to basket
TA250 440 Semi-open impellers Brinkmann Pumpen Semi-open impellers Detail Add to basket
238615 BURKERT 238615 - 2/2 NC, TYPE 6626 ROCKER SOLENOID VALVE FOR ANALYTICAL APPLICATION Burkert Burkert Type 6626 combines the reliable and success- ful Rocker principle with a highly innovative new actuator. The TwinPower concept of this actuator reduces the size greatly without loss in performance. Hence the 16 mm wide medium isolated rocker valve, 6626, with a 3.0 mm ori ce and a pressure resistance of 2 bar, provides the same performance as a traditional 22 mm valve. In addition, the inte- grated power reduction decreases the energy consumption by 75%. In combination with other design features the heat transfer into the medium can be reduced to a minimum. Burkert reference 238615 Detail Add to basket
B28-LA71 Bevel geared motors Sew Eurodrive Bevel geared motors, FULL SHAFT Detail Add to basket
96796676 BEARING KIT Grundfos-Hilge GRUNDFOS BEARING KIT INCLUDESD 00ID6705 AND 00ID0583 Detail Add to basket
Z-19.5 V-belt STEIGENTECH Steigentech/ V-belt Z-19.5 Detail Add to basket
2000.1239002 O-ring 2049 Stelzer O-ring 2049 Detail Add to basket
96932393 Kit, Mechanical Seal & seals Grundfos-Hilge Kit, Mechanical Seal & seals CM10/15/25-AVBE/V Detail Add to basket
TA250 550 Semi-open impellers Brinkmann Pumpen Semi-open impellers Detail Add to basket
168584 BURKERT 168584, TYPE 8802GB CONTINUOUS SYSTEM GLOBE CONTROL VALVE Burkert Burkert Type 8802GB design of the Continuous System enables the easy integration of digital automation modules whether they are simply a Basic Positioner or high-capacity Positioner with optional integrated fieldbus interface. The fully integrated system with control valve and automation system has a compact and smooth design, integrated pneumatic lines, IP65/67/NEMA4X protection class and superior chemical resistance. Burkert reference 168584 Detail Add to basket
CM90L-BR-HR-TF-AS1H-SB60 Motor with encode Sew Eurodrive Motor with encode Detail Add to basket
98466129-00ID6719 BEARING Grundfos-Hilge GRUNDFOS BEARING Detail Add to basket
Z-20 V-belt STEIGENTECH Steigentech/ V-belt Z-20 Detail Add to basket
2800.0084003 Hermet 2030 2048 Stelzer Hermet 2030 2048 Detail Add to basket
98394443 Impeller CR (10 pieces) Grundfos-Hilge Impeller CR (10 pieces) Detail Add to basket
TA400 200 Semi-open impellers Brinkmann Pumpen Semi-open impellers Detail Add to basket
245333 BURKERT 245333, TYPE 8750 FLOW CONTROLLER Burkert Burkert Type 8750 Flow Controller serves to measure and control volumetric flow rate on the differential pressure principle. It consists of a 2712 control valve with an 8630 TopControl, two 8323 pressure transmitters and an optional 8400 temperature transmitter. These components together form a module. The valve trims may be exchanged as required. Burkert reference 245333 Detail Add to basket
CMP63L-BP-KY-AS1H-SB1 Synchronous motor Sew Eurodrive Synchronous motor Detail Add to basket
98466083-00ID0375 BEARING Grundfos-Hilge GRUNDFOS BEARING Detail Add to basket
Z-20.5 V-belt STEIGENTECH Steigentech/ V-belt Z-20.5 Detail Add to basket
2800.0083003 Hermet 2030 2052 Stelzer Hermet 2030 2052 Detail Add to basket
96293942 Kit, Mechanical Seal Grundfos-Hilge Kit mechanical seal secondary S-Pump Fr.72 Detail Add to basket
TA400 270 Semi-open impellers Brinkmann Pumpen Semi-open impellers Detail Add to basket
403 PI controller head Samson PI controller head for Type 403 3403-0052 Detail Add to basket
CMS50S-B-KY-AS1H-SB10 Electro cylinder Sew Eurodrive Electro cylinder Detail Add to basket
96490846 BEARING Grundfos-Hilge GRUNDFOS 98466069 BEARING REPLACES Detail Add to basket
Z-21.25 V-belt STEIGENTECH Steigentech/ V-belt Z-21.25 Detail Add to basket
2800.0085003 Hermet 2030 2047 Stelzer Hermet 2030 2047 Detail Add to basket

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